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Mission Statement

“My mission has been to work amongst a harmonious team where there are boundless choices for our clients as they become aware of their responsibility for their own wellbeing. A special place where practitioners are inspired and nourished as our clients feel free to spread their wings and live their purpose!”


To enhance the wellbeing of clients by encouraging the least amount of nutritional supplements in order to experience improvement as they listen to their body and find methods to improve physical and mental stamina and decrease emotional stress. 

Dr. Bach’s philosophy is one of simplicity; attitude of mind plays a vital role in maintaining health and recovering from illness. The essence gently eases distress by enabling harmony and peace of mind.

Dr. Edward Bach studied medicine at the University College Hospital in London England. After several years he gave up his lucrative medical clinic career to travel the country yards in order to complete his discovery into the healing benefits of herbs and plants. One by one he found the remedies he wanted each aimed at a particular mental state or emotion. His highly successful system of natural medicine is now used all over the world.

“I would like to share his philosophy with you by providing intuitive Bach Remedies.”

Have you reached your potential?

What holds you back when you’re not feeling your best?

Bach remedies can help guide you to: 

  • See problems as opportunities to learn and grow with courage to gently face situations. 
  • To feel inspired to focus on positive character qualities. 
  • Increase desire to live in harmony with others. 
  • See insight and help you cope with emotionally challenging thoughts. 
  • Decrease tension in the body and mind. 
  • Increase confidence and see things in life in a better light to manage stress and restore balance. 
  • Bach remedies help you become aware we are each responsible for our own health and well being.

Bach remedies are natural, easy to use, have no side effects, are gentle in action, and safe for all ages from newborn babies to elderly people as well as animals. Bach remedies are not a substitute for medical treatment rather they compliment other medicines, assisting the process of healing. As an intuitive Bach Therapist and help facilitate individuals in their self discovery of their unique journey. 

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