Dr. Sydney Granger BA, DC

Phone: 519 652 5597

Email: drsydney@lcwc.ca 

Dr. Sydney grew up in nearby Dorchester, Ontario.  She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Western Ontario studying Kinesiology.  Dr. Sydney went on to study chiropractic at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, graduating in 2018.  Upon graduation, she began practicing in Calgary, Alberta and has since moved back home to the London area.

Dr. Sydney treats her patients with an evidence-based model, creating a specific care plan unique to her client and their needs.  She is focused on providing a preventative approach to health.  Dr. Sydney utilizes the chiropractic adjustment and provides soft tissue therapy.  She regularly recommends stretches and strengthening exercises for continued benefits between treatments.

In addition to a passion for chiropractic, Dr. Sydney also has a love of ringette, playing both nationally and internationally for many years! She is no stranger to the rink, whether competing herself or coaching others to foster a love for the game. Dr. Sydney continues to play at a competitive level!

Visit Dr. Sydney at 2453 Main St. Please use the front entrance under the flat roof.