Are you experiencing anxiety, depression,  caregiver burnout, relationship issues, grief bereavement, trauma or beginning a new life chapter?

In today’s complex world, even small challenges can feel completely overwhelming.   Seeking support and guidance can be challenging yet very rewarding as you begin this journey.  Psychotherapy sometimes known as talk therapy is a variety of treatment techniques that assist to identify and adjust unhealthy emotions, thoughts, and behaviors that may be impacting your life. Psychotherapy and counselling sessions can be beneficial to address many of life’s challenges ranging from stress and relationships to mental health conditions and life milestones. 

Companioning with a qualified therapist for even one session can assist you in managing the thoughts and emotions that get in the way of finding more peace, more motivation, build stronger relationships and discover joy in your life. Counselling is an investment in your personal growth and a gesture of self kindness dedicated to your overall well-being and optimum quality of life. It is a unique process where some results are immediate, and some results evolve over time culminating in a personal journey of self discovery and fulfilment. 

Discovery Calls:

Complimentary 15 minute discovery calls are available should you wish to chat with our social worker, Cynthia prior to booking should you have any questions or concerns regarding the counselling experience This can be done via phone or video.