Reiki is a simple, yet powerful method of energy healing, reiki is often referred to as “unconditional love”.

We live in a universe that is made up entirely of energy.  Our physical bodies, thoughts and our emotions are made up of energy and have an electromagnetic field.  Reiki works on an energetic level.  Using the practitioner as the vehicle through which the energy travels, reiki promotes healing and works on a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental level.

Reiki is suitable for all age groups and situations.

  •             Reduces tension, stress and anxiety
  •             Improves sleep
  •             Promotes healing
  •             Increases inner peace
  •             Releases  blocked energy
  •             Releases toxins
  •             Boosts and strengthens immune system
  •             Heightens self-awareness and intuition
  •             Provides support for substance abuse recovery