Lorraine Babin, Intuitive Bach Therapist, Nurture the Spirit Health Food


Mission Statement

My mission is to work in an established successful clinic setting where each practitioner’s passion harmonizes with others to create no boundaries to our clients choices as they become aware of their responsibility for their own wellbeing. A special clinic where practitioners are inspired and nourished as our clients feel free to spread their wings and live their purpose.


Enhance the wellbeing of our clients by encouraging the least amount of products in order to experience noticeable results as they listen to their body and improve physical and mental stamina related to stress and stabilize emotions and fatigue.

What will Bach Remedies do for our clients?

  • Enhance their outlook. Thoughts and perspectives on life are enriched.
  • Accentuate one’s positive virtues.
  • React less to pressures of life and become more resourceful in the face of adversity.

Dr. Bach’s philosophy is one of simplicity; Bach flower essences gently ease distress by enabling harmony and peace. Attitude of mind plays vital role in maintaining health & recovering from illness.

Bach remedies are gentle in action and safe for all ages, newborn babies to elderly people as well as animals and are not habit forming.

Bach remedies are not substitutes for medical treatment but they complement other modalities fastening the process of healing.

As an intuitive Bach Therapist I help facilitate individuals in their self discovery of their unique journey.

Visit Lorraine and Nurture the Spirit Health Food & Resource Centre at the purple door at the back of 2453 Main St.

Methods of Payment Accepted: Cash, Debit, Visa